Knowing and Then Not Knowing – Ryan Bell

The religious blogosphere (and some others) chattered a lot last year about this man.  Ryan Bell spent 2014 blogging at A Year Without God, allowing others to follow his journey from “knowing” God to not knowing.  His path began before 2014, of course, but it was a pivot point for him as he evaluated how to be and relate in a world where the certainty of his former truths faded, giving way to some new insights and commitments for him.  He was villified by conservative believers (not all of them) and thanked by many who are in the same flux of knowing and being.

His thoughts in this interview clip are relevant and represent something important happening in religious thought today:

You can review for yourself, his changes in knowing, being and relating at the blog:


    1. My own sense is that his current leaning to a “system” is more to humanism than to atheism, as we generally use those terms. He has adopted a stand by taking a label (agnostic atheist), but I don’t put much stock in what the label can tell us about where he really “is” right now. It’s fluid.

      There is a long discussion to be had around whether Christianity is based in a person, rather than in meaning. And it would require we agree on the definition of several terms in that proposition.

      Time will tell where Bell goes, of course. Meanwhile, we can appreciate questioning with him and finding our own (temporary) answers — or not.

      Peace. GSN.


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