Knowing, Being, & Relating – 2015 and Beyond

betweenshoresjpegSomewhere between the shores of starting and finishing earthly life, it finally occurred to me that it makes little sense to seek a place of permanent anchor in the middle of the sea.  I used to say I was a truth-seeker, until I realized that the supposition of an objective, static Truth might be a flawed supposition.

“Croyez ceux qui cherchent la vérité, doutez de ceux qui la trouvent; doutez de tout; mais ne doutez pas de vous-mêmes.” ~ André Gide (1952)

“I know that today many seek their way gropingly and don’t know in whom to trust. To them I say: believe those who are seeking the truth; doubt those who find it; doubt everything, but don’t doubt of yourself. There is more light in Christ’s words than in any other human word. This is not enough, it seems, to be a Christian: in addition, one must believe. Well, I do not believe. Having said this, I am your brother.”*

The pursuit and experience of “knowing,” the life of “being,” and the activity of “relating,” all may arguably never demand a conscious process of seeking Truth, being a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Taoist, a Humanist or any other such label.  Rather, these are all underpinned by many truths, in motion beneath us at whatever place and at any point in time; collectively, those truths ARE Truth and are never meant to be possessed.

So instead of seeking Truth and proposing to have grasped it, I’ll dedicate the contemplations of this blog to considerations only — of moments and glimpses of knowledge, being and relating — to seeking the breath of life as fully in the questions as in the propositions of answers.

This starts with the new year of 2015.  Let’s know, and be, and relate in curiosity, wonder and compassion together this year and as we navigate to the other shore — whatever that turns out to be.  Now is our concern.

* Excerpt from Justin O’Brien’s 1959 translation of “Ainsi Soit-Il, Ou Les Jeux Sont Faits,” the French text above is bolded in the clip.

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