The Good Life

“Make your life a sculpture. Each day you chip away.” ~ Tai Lopez

Some of us have been taught that the sculpture has to look a certain way and that there is a specific way to get it done; follow the manual, follow the rules, end of story.  Others of us have been deposited in the studio, handed a chisel and left alone to figure it out. In the end, we all end up with something of a masterpiece or a master mess. But it is our own to craft.

This is an interesting interview, when you have enough time (it’s long), to get your juices flowing. Learning by others’ experiences can be a great way to “take instruction” without being indoctrinated, as well as a way to find inspiration if you’re standing there with life in a malformed lump.

London Real is a great show with a long list of interesting and diverse characters in the world; in-depth interviews chock full of interesting life stories and experiences.  Listening and watching others is one path to knowing, being and relating.

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