Handmaid’s Tale Is Here, Just Not Here

I read no less than three articles in the New Yorker this morning by women who, from various angles, all consider Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” prescient of an America under Donald Trump and the continuing political dissent of conservatives who are pro-life. One headline goes as far as to claim that “We Live in the Reproductive Dystopia of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.'”

No, we don’t.

But if you are looking for a place that approximates Gilead, right now, consider Saudi Arabia, among other fundamentalist theocracies that actually exist on the planet today. This is true not only of the strict control of women by men, but also its treatment of LGBTQ people. Check the actual “reproductive dystopia” currently the law in Saudi Arabia. The Handmaid’s Tale is a much more apt description of those places than an imagined future America — unless — we don’t get a grip on where the real risk lies.

The above-linked article admits, “‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ emphasizes the dangers of religious fundamentalism and draws upon the imagery of Communist authoritarianism…But the cultural forces that Atwood was responding to included a neoliberal revolution that colluded in oppressing women.” How is it possible that these very smart authors and other so-called feminists have missed the fact that it is a far-left, neo-liberal, communistic mob who are now (intentionally or not) in collusion with the religious fundamentalist, pro-Islamicist and Sharia-promoting voices such as hijab-wearing Linda Sarsour to actually construct a post-freedom dystopia where only the totalitarians of progressivism and women-oppressing fundamentalists are given a voice?

Dear friends, the surest way to Gilead is not Trump’s America. It is the embrace of violent left and fundamentalist theocratic wolves disguised as sheep, unquestioned, that will snuff our hard-fought freedoms with a blanket of darkness. Our daughters will not be wearing red — they will be wearing black and bearing the seed of those intent upon eradicating the West. Let us beware that we do not become what our forebears sacrificed to leave behind.

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