Original Sin and the Noble Savage

The West is in crisis, on several levels. Depending upon who you ask, the imagined reasons can range from white supremacy, to colonialism, to illegal immigration, to terrorism, and every potential associated aspect of any of those, on the spectrum.

My own impressions are fluid, for now. But I have a growing sense that we are dealing with a phenomenon deeply embedded in the human psyche which is a tendency toward mistrust of human success and the need to embrace its opposite. But we do not merely embrace the opposite, we must first romanticize it and characterize it as somehow desirable — as Adam and Eve (or their inner serpent, if you will) convince themselves that the fruit of the forbidden tree is good. In this way success is sabotaged, and we commit a kind of original sin while convinced that we are doing the right thing.

My hope is to explore this concept more in future missives, but for today I recommend you read an article which provides a thoughtful example for a currently challenging issue of our internal, Western dialogue.

A ‘Noble Savage’ Speaks Up by Nushin Arbabzadah

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