No Place for Grace

I’ve been thinking about grace lately. Grace — that virtue of character that, if we are fortunate, we have a store of to share with others. It’s a currency of patience, listening, curiosity, and granting a benefit of the doubt. Today, as so many days before during this volatile time, it seems to be in very low supply. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is a person on the “right” or a person on the “left,” but the discourse has reduced to such a level of black and white that there seems no ability to consider the gazillion shades of gray between. Without grace, we destroy others and, in the process, ourselves.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said it well in the New Yorker interview below: “In the quest for inclusiveness, the left is willing to discard a certain kind of complex truth. And I think there’s a quickness to assign ill intent. The response is not to debate, the response is to silence.”

In other words, there seems little, or no, place for grace these days. I lament this, and long for a new supply. Of course, as with all such desires, it starts with me. I encourage you to find and share grace today, with yourself and all of those with whom you make contact.






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