In no particular order…

  •    Consultant
  •    Entrepreneur
  •    Spouse
  •    Parent
  •    Theologian
  •    Lover of Humans, Animals, Nature
  •    Not a Lover of Dogma, Intolerance, or Violence
  •    Semi-Activist, Political Independent

Comment Policy:   My preference is to allow all comments, whether or not they agree with a post I make. I don’t expect everyone to like or agree with what I share or how I see what’s happening in the world. If you can disagree with me respectfully (and I don’t mean by using a qualifier of respect before lobbing an insult), your comment will stay in the flow. If you have a need to be nasty and make exaggerated statements about me, my blog, others who comment, or the subject matter, it won’t stay in the flow. Pretty simple, really.

Non-Solicitation inquiries may be directed to: gsneilblog@gmail.com

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